E.J. Gold

New book alert: An E.J. Gold Quote Collection!

E.J. Gold is an American Artist and a Spiritual Teacher.

Nevada, California based publication house Gateways Books releases a new book titled “Sounds of the Inner Golden Opera – An E.J. Gold Quote Collection.” It is a collection of 365 quotes from the well-known artist and spiritual teacher E.J. Gold.

The book is graphically illustrated and contains commentaries and essays by award-winning filmmaker and author Nishiet Gajjar aka Nishit. The book is designed and illustrated by Los Angeles based Visual Communications Designer Niralee Kamdar.

It is available in a beautiful full-color print version and e-book version! Readers can read it on their phone, tablet, desktop computer, or as a bound book on their coffee table, to read a quote for each day of the year!