The Well-Known Irish Music Producer Dar.Ra light ups the airwaves with His Own Sunday Night Show On Your Hits Digital Radio Station!

The radio show which is aptly named the Kusha Deep Radio show is a mix bag of music that represents a varied taste in music.

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Straight into the ring and punching like a heavyweight Irish born Music Producer and Author starts the battle with a Sunday night show on Irelands finest Radio station Your Hits Digital, run by a powerhouse of visionary Nikki Power who driven by passion and desire has done Dublin proud with a Radio station to lift the Modern-day blues.

Dar.Ra was the voice and production of acts such as Taste Of Paradise (EMI Records), Bliss (21st Century Records), Ultra Love Machine (Festival Records/ Mushroom, Australia, Urban Harmonix and Chillum (Kusha Deep Records) and put out his first album ‘Soul Hours’ under his own name in 2009 an album that had tracks featured on Hollywood movies and various TV shows across the UK, winning a lot of support from Radio stations around the world.

Running the Kusha Deep Record label set up in the early 2000s has now released over 200 titles, from Rock to EDM to Reggae, all gaining major recognition from US and European Media outlets, from Billboard to Cosmo.

Last year alone 50 titles were released from two compilation albums called Majestic Retrospective Vol 1 and 2 featuring the EDM releases to a beautiful collection of laid back songs album called ‘Ballads For The Downtrodden’ and the homage to London Life on the Kings N Serfs EP.

The radio show which is aptly named the Kusha Deep Radio show is a mix bag of music that represents a varied taste in music.

Dar.Ra says expect the unexpected.  The first few shows are paying tribute to the Tech House world and classic House music from the past few decades, with future shows to feature the best in Reggae Music and World music plus hour-long features with artists that need to be explored over a whole show.

The idea is each week will be something different like an hour-long special on Bob Marley to U2 and all the other incredible artists that have got us through this thing called life, Prince comes to mind as I write this.

The show will also feature a cheeky track from Dar.Ra, from Remixes to Original releases that have featured either on the Kusha label or from labels he has produced for over the past 25 years.

There is also a new EP called ‘Blood N Treasure’ nearing compilation which features an incredible track called ‘No Time For Tears’ which is really something to behold, an anthem for the times.

Remixes from Sri Lankan music producer Vidula also feature on the EP.

So it’s going to be another busy year, make sure you take time out Sunday nights 5 pm to 6 pm Ireland and UK time each week. The show will also be broadcast on BBS in LA, Radio Rock Steady 94 and Radio Illumini in the UK.

It would seem Kusha Deep is a place where the music never stops, for more info please check out:

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