4BiddenKnowledge’s Billy Carson interviews Hip-hop Legend Redman

Watch “Redman: A Heroes Journey” on Youtube!

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Billy Carson Redman

From the “Margarita Ville Hotel” in Key West, Florida, entrepreneur and 4BiddenKnowledge founder Billy Carson, went live on his podcast with a very special guest. In a podcast titled, “Redman: A Heroes Journey,” hip hop legend, Reginald Noble, better known as Redman, guest starred alongside Billy. The rapper rarely agrees to make appearances these days for interviews, but agreed to this one, live from his home studio.

“You do a great job in educating people, and bringing knowledge to your platform. Not a lot of people would take that chance and to try win that way. They always think they have to promote ignorance. But not you! You went the opposite route. I really love your channel bro. I really love what you’re doing for the people, and it’s only a must that I give you your flowers as well man. Keep up the great work, and keep blowing up man! Keep giving people the knowledge that they need, because your knowledge really feeds the soul. I know people that don’t really watch anything but are like, Yo, I really like that 4BiddenKnowledge channel. They’re tuned in. So, good job my brother!”

Mr. Carson returned the praises, and then both he and Redman mentioned future goals and upcoming projects. To listen to the conversation, watch “Redman: A Heroes Journey” on Youtube: Youtube.com/watch?v=IWse0KgsX-w

Visit the official website for Billy Carson’s 4BiddenKnowledge at 4BiddenKnowledge.com. And the official website for Redman at RedmansWorld.com.